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ExpiredProjects in CSharp – Learn By Building Projects


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Projects in CSharp – Learn By Building Projects

With so many different languages available for developers to choose from, it is no wonder that developers are relying on languages that make things simpler and easier for them. A versatile language such as C# is a fan favorite because it allows developers to do more, by coding less.

C#, pronounced as ‘See Sharp’ or C Sharp (like the music note), is a multipurpose programming language that is not limited to only system programming but also other forms of developing including desktop applications, mobile applications, games and even websites. Designed by Microsoft, C# is a simple, modern, general purpose and object-oriented programming language that has been evolved from C and C++ programming languages.

Developed as a part of .NET framework, C# requires the Common Language Runtime (CLR) to execute. The benefit of CLR is that when the application is written in C#, the system automatically starts managing memory, performing garbage collection, handling exceptions and performing many other functions. This means that the developer does not have to waste extra time and energy writing codes for these functions.

Now that you know all about C#, let’s discuss how our course can help you. With so many different benefits, this is one programming language that you should definitely have in your arsenal as a developer. Our ‘Projects in C#’ course has been designed to give you the best of both worlds – learning the technology as well as understanding how to create applications using the technology.

Not only will you be familiarized with C#, but the course will also break down its many functions including LINQ to SQL, authenticating users, media player tools, buttons, add multiple forms, resources, etc.

Using 5 short and sweet projects, our course will teach you everything you need to get started with C# programming language.

The course comes with the following 5 projects:

Project 1: Phone Book  Learn how to make a tabular based phone book. You will also learn how to add, edit and delete phone numbers.

Project 2: Text Editor – Create a rich text editor, along with how to add, remove and edit files. You will also learn how to change the font and format the text.

Project 3: Media Player – Create a working media player, along with how to create a playlist within this player. Also, learn how to add multiple files at the same time to the playlist.

Project 4: Quiz – Learn how to create a simple C# quiz application. You will also learn how to authenticate the user and then generate the quiz from a database using multiple forms.

Project 5: Tic Tac Toe Game – Learn how to design the Tic Tac Toe game.

There course comes packed with so much that it is bound to keep you on your toes, wanting for more. Join us and learn how C# can ease your developing life!

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