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Pycharm IDE Course Using Pycharm Community Edition

This is Not a Python Tutorial.

Course Contents:

  1. Describing the meaning of IDE.
  2. Pycharm IDE introduction.
  3. Pycharm community edition general features.
  4. Python & Pycharm installation procedures.
  5. Understanding Pycharm Basics.
  6. Starting Pycharm.
  7. Welcome screen entry points.
  8. Creating a new project.
  9. Adding files to your project.
  10. Running your code in Pycharm.
  11. Viewing the keymap configuration.
  12. Customizing frequently used shortcuts using PyCharm Keymaps.
  13. Duplicating a selected keymap.
  14. Predefined keymaps.
  15. Custom keymaps.
  16. Finding an action by name in keymap.
  17. Searching for commands and settings across all menus and tools using Find Action command.
  18. The most useful Pycharm shortcuts.
  19. Navigating to any file, class or symbol by its name, and jumping directly to it.
  20. Navigating to recent files.
  21. Searching everywhere.
  22. Jumping to a line.
  23. Automating repetitive procedures using PyCharm Macros.
  24. Recording a macro.
  25. Playback a macro.
  26. Editing macros.
  27. Deleting macros.
  28. Showing the diagram preview using PyCharm Structure Tool Window.
  29. Displaying the structure of a file using Pycharm File Structure Popup.
  30. Structure tool window title bar description.
  31. Python bar description.
  32. Completing the names of classes, methods, and keywords using Pycharm Basic code completion.
  33. Filtering the suggestions list and showing only the types applicable to the current context using Pycharm Smart code completion.
  34. Accepting a suggestion from the list.
  35. Viewing reference.
  36. Accessing PyCharm Python Console for Windows, Linux, and macOS users.
  37. Uses of the Python Console page.
  38. Python interpreters supported by Pycharm.
  39. Levels of configuring Python interpreters in Pycharm.
  40. Creating a new project interpreter.
  41. Setting an existing project interpreter.
  42. Changing the project interpreter using the Python Interpreter widget.
  43. Changing the project interpreter in the project settings.
  44. Placing breakpoints.
  45. Debugging Python code.
  46. Inline debugging.
  47. Levels of supporting version control integration in Pycharm.
  48. Associating a project root with a version control system.
  49. Associating a directory with a version control system.
  50. Changing VCS associations.


Who this course is for:

  • Python developers who have a basic knowledge of any integrated development environment of Python.

Student testimonials:

  • Mike Callahan: This is a good course, the teacher is very knowledgeable about PyCharm. I have been messing with this, asked questions he doesn’t address in the course and he gets right back to me. VERY helpful, caring guy who just wants you to succeed.
  • Robert D Pepple: Quick and comprehensive. Very helpful.
  • Amit Kumar: Really Useful for Beginners and must know.
  • Mallareddy Adudhodla: the course is very good for beginners.
  • Klaus-Dieter Scharf: Ich fand es besonders hilfreich, dass der Autor langsam englisch spricht und außerdem der Text geschrieben erscheint. So ist es sehr verständlich und so wünsche ich es mir für andere Kurse. Translation: I found it particularly helpful that the author slowly speaks English and that the text appears to be written. So it is very understandable and so I wish for other courses.


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