ExpiredPython Image Recognition: Hands-On Artificial Intelligence Course

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Python image recognition sounds exciting, right? However, it can also seem a bit intimidating. There’s no need to be scared! This tutorial will teach you Python basics and how to use TensorFlow. Take this chance to discover how to code in Python and learn TensorFlow linear regression then apply these principles to automated Python image recognition.Maximum Results in Minimal TimeThrough this course, you’ll master Python image recognition software and learn with hands-on examples. That’s right! This course interweaves theory with practical examples to make your learning experience as immersive as possible. You will learn to take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and start working smarter, not harder.You can finish this course in one afternoon. It is short but full of crucial information. The whole tutorial is split into three sections. You’ll start with Python image recognition. After that, you’ll move on to TensorFlow basics. The last section will explain how to utilize the CIFAR-10 dataset to train machine learning and computer vision algorithm. All of the information will be explained slowly and steadily. And since it’s all in short video lessons format, it will be easy to follow and digest.

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