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ExpiredReal World Rails 5 Programming for Web Developers

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Real World Rails 5 Programming for Web Developers

Learn Ruby on Rails basics from scratch & design systems from the ground up in this Rails 5 Tutorial for Beginners



About this Course

GitHub, SoundCloud, Shopify, Zendesk and Hulu are some of the many big name websites that were built on Ruby on Rails. Since, it’s introduction, Ruby and Rails has become one of the favorite server-side web application framework for building websites, web services, and web pages.

Using an MVC approach it encourages the use of web standards such as JSON or XML for data transfer, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Additionally, it also uses other well-known software engineering patterns and paradigms, including convention over configuration (CoC), don’t repeat yourself (DRY), and the active record pattern.

However, Ruby on Rails isn’t as easy to learn as it seems. Until now!

We have designed this course as less of a tutorial, but rather a step-by-step learning process to help students not only learn the theories of working with Rails 5, but actually know what to do and how to get started with this brilliant framework.

The main problem with tutorials is that students usually follow along with the course, but once the course ends, they are left clueless as to what they should do next. This is why we designed our course with the perfect combination of theory and practical, with more focus on practical applications. At the end of this course, the student will not only know the theory behind how Rails 5 works and the different features and functions of Rails 5, but also how you can use it for practical application in different scenarios.

With collaboration of Experts and industry veterans, the course syllabus has been designed to help newbies learn the latest version of Rails from scratch with an experienced teacher and instructor that has been in the web development industry for over 10 years.

The course has been divided into 11 neat sections and has over 8 hours of content that includes helping you learn your way around Rails, making it a great course for newbies, as well as intermediates and experts to brush up their skills. You will also have access to the coding on Github, which will be royalty free, so you can choose what you want to do with it.

So, what will this course include:

  • Basics of Ruby and how to get started with Ruby including how to install Ruby
  • All major features of Ruby such as models, views, controllers, routes, l18n, mail sending, etc.
  • CoffeeScript and SASS preprocessors
  • Git basics
  • How to create automated testing with RSpec
  • How to deploy your app on a cloud hosting platform such as Heroku

Master the popular Rails framework with this epic course right now! Enroll now to get started.



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