ExpiredResurrection of Sin (Universe Circles Series Book 1)


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“…our starting point is the same as our arrival point. It is the stone that you have put on the road that will cause you to stumble, and it is the hole that you have dug that will in fact cause you to fall.”

Between the lawyer Jones and the anonymous call, there were threads of an epic story.

Dear reader, in our story you will see the laws of existence as clear as you see the giant sun when it approaches you, as if coming to whisper something, as it completes its cycle, sinking below the skyline, leaving its nature undiscoverable, except by a relentless pursuer.

This is what Jones’s wife sought to explain when she received an anonymous call from someone who said: “The only way out of sin is by correcting it, and I am your case that you win when you lose it.” Then the call ended.

Follow the tale of Jones as he attempts to uncover the mystery caller, clear his conscience of his past sins and give his wife the life that she deserves.

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