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  • Russian language skills A2-B2, reading and writing


If you are already able to speak Russian, then congratulations! You are on a good way. Nevertheless, even if you are, you have probably been in situations with Russians, especially younger people, where you did not understand everything they said— because they were speaking too fast or simply because they were using Russian slang phrases. When learning a new language, we often tend to forget how important it is to include those in our vocabulary lists — instead we focus more on formal words or, in general, phrases that are less used in speaking, but more in writing.

If you want your Russian Language to sound cool, you definitely need to expand your vocabulary and incorporate slang into the vernacular. In our Russian Slang Course, we will concentrate on the most common Russian slang words that every advanced Russian learner must know.

Anyway, using Russian slang words will not only allow you to sound more natural but will also help you to understand songs, movies, and other types of entertainment. This is definitely not a complete list of all the Russian slang words, you may encounter while having conversations with Russians. However, in these five lessons, you will find the most widely used slang phrases, words and abbreviations. Try to sound like a native speaker! Good luck!

Who this course is for:

  • Russian leaners who want to sound like a native speaker and feel free with russian friends

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