Secrets of Women’s Self Defense


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Secrets of Women’s Self Defense

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  • All you need is an open mind, and the patience and passion to become unstoppable.



You know how as women, many of us live with the fear of violence against us or our children and don’t know what to do about it? Well, I teach  Women and Moms how to be their own bodyguards by borrowing skills and strategies employed by law enforcement, the military and protection industry experts, to demystify the way criminals choose their victims and the way crime evolves, so women can empower themselves and their families to live safer, smarter, stronger.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for women in unsafe relationships of any kind, women with children but no help, those who are ill or injured, who live in bad neighborhoods or who have dangerous jobs; for working women who ride elevators after hours, or who like to drink and party and would rather not give it up but want to be smart; for women with friends or family members who have been assaulted and for those who are just curious about how predators think and what they look for in a victim. This course is built for women who want to revel in the chess game of life, dismantle fear, use emotions wisely, see conflict as opportunity, raise productive, resilient children who won’t become victims or criminals, and who – if it comes to the worst – can beat innumerable odds and come out on top.
  • Women wanting to feel safer and more secure

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