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Skyscrapers: Vol 2


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Leading a successful life is anyone’s biggest desire, but what does it mean to be successful?

What characterizes a successful life and what obstacles and unique challenges lay in front of people of different backgrounds and identities?

Follow the stories and circumstances of ambitious youths, established professionals, successful multi-millionaires and more as they navigate political, social, and personal barriers as they both pave their way to the life accomplishments they strive to achieve and evaluate the actions they have taken on the path to get there.

Skyscrapers Vol:2 deploys humor, induces sympathy and above all else invokes reflection as the second and final Volume in this two part series challenges the reader to engage and evaluate the beliefs and actions of those who share their stories and desires.

While its predecessor Skyscrapers Vol:1 devoted its attention and focus to personal success and moral ambiguity of decisions of its narrators, Skyscrapers Vol 2: differentiates itself in the series as it spends more time with narrators who are evaluating and shifting their life trajectories, redefining what a successful society is, working to cultivate the strong relationships and communities they long to have, and more. Skyscrapers Vol:2 picks up thematically where its predecessor left off and moves the discourse further along while expanding the scope of conversation with intention. It stands as a perfect companion piece to its Pilot in this duology designed to elicit deep thought and leave readers ruminating for periods of time after digesting what they’ve read.

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