ExpiredSQL Server – Easy Install & Configure a Developer Instance


  • A basic knowledge of installing Windows software is helpful. Administrator access to a Windows PC or Server is required.

There are plenty of SQL Server development and management courses here at Udemy and throughout the Internet.  But almost all have one thing in common.  They assume that you already have an instance of SQL Server installed and configured with data loaded to practice on.

But where do you start if you aren’t exactly sure how to get this environment set up?   Why right here.  This short course takes you through a step-by-step download, install and setup of a developer’s version of SQL Server 2017.  And best of all, you’ll see how to get the software for free!

And that’s not all!  Once we have SQL Server set up, we’ll install the most useful SQL Server tool, SQL Server Management Studio.  Once we have complete access to SQL Server, we’ll find and install a full sample database complete with thousands of rows of sample data for you to practice on.

This is a beginner course that helps you prepare an environment for many other great courses!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner SQL Server users who want to install their own instance of SQL Server before taking other courses.

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