ExpiredSunshine Learns to Control Her Anger: Self-help and Anger Management Tips for Children, Great for Schools, Counselors and Parents


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Sunshine Learns to Control Her Anger: This heartwarming story is a must-read for children struggling with managing their emotions and is sure to leave a lasting impact.” This children’s book is also great for schools and counselors.

Join Sunshine on her journey to controlling her anger and learning to manage her emotions in a positive way. With the help of her teacher and a counselor, she discovers the power of taking a deep breath, counting to ten, and using fun tricks to express her feelings. This heartwarming story teaches children that it’s okay to feel angry sometimes, but it’s important to find healthy ways to manage those emotions and maintain positive relationships with friends.

Tips and tricks for when anger starts to take over.

  1. Go for a walk or hop like a bunny.
  2. Take a step back or walk to the side like a crab.
  3. Take a deep breath, in and out, and count to ten.
  4. Talk to an adult and ask for advice.
  5. Communicate with your friends and use your words instead.
  6. Visualize a happy place or just a gigantic giraffe sleeping in your bed.
  7. Write your thoughts in a diary or draw a silly picture of what’s on your mind.

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