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  • It does not require previous marketing experience.
  • The course is suitable for anyone who wants to get the essence of 8+ years business & marketing experience in distilled and practical way.


Learn from an Awarded Marketing Expert with experience in Fortune Global 500 Companies

Why is This Course Unique?

After reviewing many available courses in market, we realized that the main issue/feedbacks were related to getting too much theoretical information without implementation examples. This makes students unprepared in real life business situations and ending up as forgetting what they learn.

So, in this course we provide 25 data driven hands-on exercises that include financial business case development, writing marketing brief, designing a product, deciding right price etc. to teach each section in a way can be full understood and always remembered.

Also, we focus on real life and big brand examples in several sections such as segmentation, life cycle management, digital marketing, product management etc. with case studies.

Is This Course Right for You?

Regardless of you are a student or someone with complete different background or even an experienced marketer; this course will make you complete business and marketing strategy expert.

You will be able to be potentially hired as a business expert (Marketing, Product, Brand Management). If you run your own business, you will be able to grow your own business and sales through right marketing efforts.

What Will You Learn?

  1. How to Build a Marketing Mix?
    • 4P of Marketing with Real Life Examples
  2. How to Target Right Customers?
    • Market Segmentation with Real Life Examples and Exercises with Data
  3. How to Understand Target Customer’s Need?
    • Marketing Research with Question Examples
  4. How to Design Right Product for Your Target Customer’s Need?
    • Product Design Exercise
  5. How to Launch a New Product?
    • Go-To-Market Strategy
    • Competitive Analysis with Exercise
    • Value Propositions with Case Studies
  6. How to Decide Right Price?
    • Price Optimization with Demand Curves with Exercises
    • Understanding Price Elasticity with Exercises
  7. What are Psychological Pricing Strategies?
    • Prospect Theory with Campaign Exercise
    • Pricing Mind Games
  8. How to Build a Financial Business Case?
    • Full Structure and Detailed Exercise
  9. How to Promote Your Product?
    • Marketing Communications
    • Digital Marketing with Example Campaigns
    • 12 Important Marketing Terms
  10. How to Write Perfect Marketing Brief?
    • Full Structure and Award-Winning Brief Exercise
  11. How to Measure Success of Your Campaign?
    • Incremental Impact Calculations with Exercises
  12. Where to Sell Your Product?
    • Channel Marketing Strategy with Exercise
  13. How to Increase Customer Value?
    • Framework of CVM
    • Calculation of Customer Lifetime Value with Exercise
  14. How to Minimize Churn/Disconnection?
    • Big Data Model Structure with Exercise
    • Correlation Matrix Exercise
  15. How to Build Perfect Life Cycle for Customers?
    • Structure & Real-Life Brand Exercise
  16. How to Build a Successful Campaign?
    • Personalized Marketing with Campaign Examples
  17. Extra: How to Innovate?
    • Fishbone Technic with Exercise
    • Hyper personalization in Marketing with Real Life Examples
  18. Extra: How to use Microsoft Excel?
    • Essential formulas & If function
    • PivotTables
    • Vlookup

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