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The Lotus Club: A femme fatale crime thriller

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excerpts from “The Lotus Club”

Isabella’s pulse quickened at his words. She gazed out at the beautiful people indulging in sensual pleasures. Raphael’s promised paradise tempted her, but her instincts whispered caution.
“You offer a siren’s song,” she said ruefully. “Pleasurable, but treacherous.”
Raphael’s laughter held unexpected warmth. “You see more than most. Your hesitance speaks well of you.”
He captured her gaze, his eyes pools of fathomless depth. “I won’t pretend the path is without peril. But for those who dare walk it, the rewards are sweeter than you can imagine.”

In her opium-heightened state, their lovemaking took on an almost dream-like quality. Raphael worshipped every inch of her with unhurried reverence, his caresses at once firm and feather-light. Isabella’s back arched off the couch, body undulating instinctively beneath him. She was his instrument and he played her masterfully, drawing out sighs and moans of ecstasy.
At the height of passion, Isabella felt herself dissolving into Raphael, their souls mingling. Wave after wave of euphoria crested through her body. Time suspended as they moved together, the rest of the world fading into oblivion.

“I want you to experience something unforgettable tonight,” she continued as she leaned closer until their lips were almost touching—a promise suspended in time between them.
Without another word, she pressed her lips to his in a kiss that was both gentle and demanding—a contradiction that spoke volumes about who she was. She felt him respond instantly—eager yet inexperienced—as their mouths moved together in an age-old dance of seduction.
Isabella pulled back just enough to look into Daniel’s eyes which now burned with unrestrained desire—a fire she had kindled and now sought to stoke into an inferno.

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