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You should have CoreDraw already installed on your compute

Do you want to learn a tool to create clean and professional graphic designs? Bingo! CorelDraw is the tried and tested alternative that will not take much time for you to learn. Take this CorelDraw for beginners course to start fresh from zero to designing professional business cards and other visual objects that will make you stand out and leave a good impression on those who will see them. Stick to a single, most comprehensive, 11 hour-long CorelDraw tutorial and learn all you need.

Do you need a CorelDraw tutorial today?
The short answer to the above question is YES. Learning how to use CorelDraw, you’ll touch the fundamentals of vector graphics. Graphic designer community values Corel Draw mainly for the following advantages:

A robust feature set, customizations and reliability will be beneficial to both beginners and professionals.
Powerful base of plugins, extensions, fonts and apps already in the suite and available for downloading to expand the efficiency of the tool.
Easy content exchange that allows sharing designs with other users.
Lots of resources available – including this CorelDraw tutorial – for taking advantage of all its features and learning how to use CorelDraw with ease.
What will you learn in this course?
If you’re serious about getting graphic designer skills to create outstanding visual products, you need to invest some time in learning. It just doesn’t work otherwise. So this 11-hour-long CorelDraw tutorial is the right choice to cover the basics from zero. Your learning outcomes will include the ability to control the powerful features and functions of CorelDraw, and you’ll also add some beautiful pieces of work into your portfolio. From how to make a business card in CorelDraw to designing a book cover and lots and lots of more practical details will be covered here.

Let’s peek into the content of this course:

You’ll start by setting up your work environment and taking hold of the tools available for you in CorelDraw.
You’ll study and practice working with text tools to make the text content really attractive and standing out in your designs.
You’ll learn about the power of tables, connector, blending tools, also to create your unique color palettes to be used in any project.
You’ll learn how to make a business card in CorelDraw, a logo, thumbnails, banners, box design, book cover, adjusting images in text and other visual objects that customers mostly demanded from graphic designers these days.
After this CorelDraw for beginners course, you’ll know the menu bar inside-out so that you can work smoothly and quickly.

Gain a pole position with practice materials and learning by doing
In this CorelDraw tutorial, you’ll get a package of resources that will help you get a better starting position. Set your mind to reach your goals, and I’ll gladly assist you on the way. The most important thing when learning new graphic design skills, just like in any other field, is to have plenty of opportunities to do things. To learn by doing. I’ve done my best to provide you with such opportunities. Your job now is only to make use of that. Enroll in, and I’ll see you in the course!

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