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ExpiredThe Program Based Coaching Framework – Break out of the box!

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SiteWide: Courses starting at $5. Get Up To 40% Discount At Checkout

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  • Be a Life Coach, or other service based entrepreneur
  • Be READY to get clients and SERVE their needs
  • Have an open mind
  • Be ready to tap into YOUR authentic self to create these things
  • Not be horribly offended at swearing, because it’s gonna happen sometimes

Are you stuck in a rut of trying to figure out your coaching business?

Hating the idea of limiting yourself down to a specific niche, servicing only a handful of people?

Frustrated because everyone is saying how easy it is – or worse – telling you that this is what you HAVE to do?

I was there!

Feeling like I failed at my business before it even really got started.  Like man, if I can’t manage this SIMPLE basic stuff that I have to do how will I ever make a living at this??

Annoyed, frustrated, running in circles and hopping from thing to thing cuz really, I hated it all.

Do you KNOW that you are a great coach?  That you could REALLY help people if they would just SEE that?

But nope, instead of helping people you are holding back, fussing the details and panicking about marketing.


You CAN build a business without struggling against what feels right to you, and what everyone is saying you HAVE to do.

That is TRUE to who YOU are

To what you WANT to do

and WHO you want to help

So you can CONNECT to the people who will resonate with your message and KNOW that you can help them.

So you can offer coaching that you are EXCITED to do every single time!

So you can be confident in your marketing copy and get RESULTS from it, without feeling like a used car salesman.

In this course we will start with a deep dive into what you want to help people with – ALL OF IT – not just a tiny specific niche.

Then we get into who you can help – ALL OF THEM – not some hyper specific dreamed up client avatar

Then, the really awesome stuff, how to create coaching programs, in WHATEVER format you want (group, course, 1on1, whatever) that SPEAK to those people!

oh yah, and how to create content that will call to those people, make it clear that you see them and you can help them.


No titles – no niches – no client avatar


Work with who you want, on what you want, when you want

That’s it!!!

Would you like to know more?  Check out the intro videos, they are all free to watch before you buy!

Who this course is for:
  • Life Coaches or other helping professional who are looking to try a new model of marketing their services

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