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The Side Hustle: How to Turn Your Spare Time into $1000 a Month or More: Completely Updated for 2019


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The Side Hustle: How to Turn Your Spare Time into $1000 a Month or More: Completely Updated for 2019

by Nick Loper (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

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Make Money and Live Better

The Side Hustle is for people who want or need to earn some extra money outside of their day jobs.

Maybe you need a few extra dollars to make ends meet. Maybe you want to pay off debt.

Maybe you want to save for a rainy day or for your children’s education.

Maybe you just want to treat yourself to a nice vacation or a new car without feeling guilty about it.

Maybe you’re looking for a way out of the corporate world, an escape plan. That’s the ultimate financial freedom, right?

That’s how I got started down this entrepreneurial path, and it’s the best choice I ever made.

You’re willing to work for it because your future is worth working for.

But your time is limited, and you may not know where to start. There are a million and one ways to “make money online” and everyone wants to sell you their “proven system for Internet riches.” It’s hard to tell what’s a scam and what’s legit.

Real-World Examples

This book offers real-world examples of how regular people just like you and me are earning side hustle income outside of traditional employment. Many have even turned these part-time ventures into full-time businesses, throwing off the shackles of their corporate overlords for good.

And the cool thing is, there are no special technical skills or prerequisites to get started with any of the ideas presented. Most don’t require any big scary upfront investment.

(If you’re a fan of Chris Guillebeau, Pat Flynn, or Tim Ferriss, you’ll love this!)

My Story

After college, I did what you’re supposed to do: I got a job.

The problem was almost immediately I found myself looking for a way out. It wasn’t that I hated the work or my coworkers, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. The thought of spending my next 30 years there was terrifying.

So evenings and weekends I turned my attention online. I’d been dabbling with building rudimentary websites, learning online advertising channels, and even running my own small marketing campaigns for other companies’ products to test the waters.

And that’s what The Side Hustle is about—finding a low-risk way make more money. Most entrepreneurship books assume you have limitless time and limitless startup capital, but I know from talking to thousands of side hustlers, that’s simply not the reality.

I started small and lean, but steadily built up my side hustle until I could say good-bye to corporate work.

You can do it, too. I’ll show you how.

What’s Inside?

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme or the secret to overnight success, you won’t find it here. But what you will find are the “Big 3” side hustle business models you can take action on right away.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of profitable side hustlers on The Side Hustle Show to figure out how their businesses work, how they make money, and most importantly, how you can replicate their success.

How does an extra $1000 a month sound? I can tell you, this stuff works. (Side Hustle Nation took home the Plutus Foundation award for best Entrepreneurship content in both 2016 and 2018.)

In this book, you’ll meet these real-world side hustlers who built and sustained businesses they care about. They faced the same fears and uncertainties you’re wrestling with, but made something happen.

Now it’s your turn. What are you waiting for? The timing will never be perfect.

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