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ExpiredThe Ultimate Analytical Skills Assessment Test


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The Ultimate Analytical Skills Assessment Test


Challenge yourself to take a comprehensive test to increase your chances of getting hired by Civitta – a leading independent management consultancy company.This course does not include any educational material and is purely designed to test the basic business, logical reasoning, and analytical skills. These skills are essential at taking interesting job positions in different industries, and typically you build them over time by learning in any field and through general life experiences. The goal is to assess your current set of skills rather than teach and expand your toolbox.Complete the test to enter the recruitment processTaking this test is a part of the recruitment process, and you can’t skip it. Civitta wants and needs to peek into your current competencies. Besides, by taking a 4-part test with a 25 minutes’ time limit, you show to us that you’re truly determined to get hired for this position!This course consists of two parts with sets of questions to test your

  • Quantitative reasoning (you’ll have to solve tasks involving numbers)
  • Logical reasoning (remember those logic puzzles from IQ tests?)

Take your time and do it You know why you’re here, and you know why you want to get this job. This is your first step into opening the door to a thriving company with unlimited career opportunities. Sit comfortably, concentrate, and show off your potential!About Civitta InternationalCivitta is a leading independent management consultancy in Emerging Europe with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, and sales office in the United Kingdom. We aim to bring the right minds together to challenge the boundaries and make meaningful changes to our clients. We cover a wide range of services, including management consulting, grants and project management, market research and customer data analytics, entrepreneurship support and startups, public policy and development. We also work beyond home markets – flexible approach and international mindset have ensured successful cooperation with clients in 30+ countries, resulting in 3 000+ completed projects.

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