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To Save A Princess: Epic Love Story


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Book overview

Nick falls semi-conscious and bleeding into the sea…then as a shark approaches from behind… something whisks him away…

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When Naia, a galactic princess, visits Earth as a mermaid to save her dying brother Asher, the emperor of Midora, she saves Nick, a navy seal, from a shark attack and falls in love. Now her evil betrothed, Lassiter inline for the throne is coming to destroy anyone standing in his way. Can a military man from Earth save a brave princess from a power-hungry madman and together save Midora?

If you enjoyed the enchanting love story of “The Little Mermaid” and “Star Wars” epic adventure, you’ll love “To Save A Princess: Epic Love Story”. A military thriller in two worlds as a galactic princess and a military man from Earth team up in a quest to save her planet of Midora.

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