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ExpiredUltimate PHP, CSS And SASS: Enhance Your JavaScript Skills!

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Ultimate PHP, CSS And SASS: Enhance Your JavaScript Skills!

Sections (46), Lectures (375), Total length (77:53:15)

Welcome To Ultimate PHP, CSS and SASS : Enhance Your JavaScript Skills!This course will offer more than 380 lectures and lifetime access to 79 hours of HD quality videos at this moment.Requirements:

  • Basic HTML, CSS and PHP skills are desirable, but anyone basically can follow me on this course. No need for buying any extra software, your computer and text editor for writing the code will be sufficient.

DescriptionHave you have been taking courses that are not up to date or courses that after finishing them you will immediately know that are not what they promised to be in the promo video? Have you joined multiple courses for basically learning the same thing over and over again? Have you been thinking why there is no complete course out there where you can learn how to become master of front and back end development with the latest, greatest and the most modern programming/designing techniques?Great news: Then This Is The Right Course For You!Welcome to “Ultimate PHP, CSS and Sass: Enhance Your JavaScript Skills, course ever“. This is the most advanced, the most modern, and the most up to date course ever on this platform. It’s everything you need to become master and advance your career as a graduate student, junior developer or programmer. Look at the end why I create this course to be for everyone.There are multiple parts of this course. The first part is the designing process where you will learn how to use HTML, CSS and Sass. You will be able to design and create modern layouts on your own after finishing this part. You will learn the most complex and advanced responsive design techniques,CSS GRID and Flexbox layouts and yes you will get familiar with Bootstrap as well. You will become a master of Sass, and CSS architecture also you will be able to design 3 very much different landing pages for this projects so you can get experience and practice what we have learned and put that in practice. You will have 2 complete guides for CSS GIRD and Flexbox in this section in order to make your life easy. This course is all about design, and  you will be the architect of 3 different and beautifully designed and crafted projects.FIRST PART OF THE COURSE CSS AND SASS, FLEXBOX, CSS-GRID AND BOOTSTRAP INTRO:1) Create layouts of every kind with the latest cutting-edge layout technologies.2) You master Flexbox and CSS Grid and Bootstrap;3) Design carefully for all kind of devices with media queries;4) Understand the concepts of css and how you can make reusable code that is easily maintainable with Sass.In this course you will get familiar withbackground-clip, transform and perspectives when we are making rotating/flipping card.You will use clip-path to shape footer and header. Also you will be able to create animations using @keyframes, transitions and animation.Working on these projects you will be able to use CSS selectors and pseudo-classes,elements that are the foundation of the modern CSS. Dealing with complex scenarios you will learn parent, child inheritance, box types and positioning elements using abstract and relative positioning. This course will be based on 7-1 rule and we will stick with the BEM methodology so you can create massive code components that will be very easy for maintenance and in same time expandable and scalable. With Sass we will use variables where we declare their values and after that we will use them in our project whenever we need them. You will learn how to use media queries and create ones where our design breaks, meaning that you can adjust your design to fit all kinds of screen sizes by simple and advanced calculation.Flexbox and CSS grid will give us the opportunity to learn the process of organizing our website into layout that is easily fit different screen widths. I have two crash courses and examples for this two particular layouts. Additionally we will use font awesome icons but we also will learn how to use the modern SVG icons in our projects so we can understand the difference between them. You will know how to change SVG color and generate SVG sprites with breeze.On top of this we will use the NPM so can compile Sass and every code changes will automatically be reloaded on the browser. You will get familiar with the processes how to concatenate, prefix and compress and compile CSS file;SECOND PART OF THE COURSE PHP, PDO, MYSQL, SECURITY AND OOP INTRO:Second part of this course is PDO PHP and OOP using Classes, methods and etc. We will not use the entire MVC framework but we will get familiar how to use M from that framework which stands for MODELS. Inside this models folder we will create our core functions that will interact with the database in securely manner. Security is number one feature of PDO so that is why we are going to do our projects with PDO. I have created crash course how to use Classes and PDO just for this project so if you are a person with limited PHP understanding you will not have problem after the crash course to follow this part.What you will learn in this part:You will learn that PDO represents PHP data objects and lean and consistent way to connect to a Database. Also PDO can work with multpile different database like MySQL, Firebird, Oracle, PostgreSQL and lots more. PDO provide secure data access layer no matter what type of system you are using, you can still use the same functions to access this data. You need to use php 5.4 or latter version in order to work because PDO will need OOP features. The biggest advantage for which I choose to use PDO is that we can write prepared statements that will prevent SQL attacks and injections that can destroy what we have stored in the database. PDO is very usable and reusable, usable because have a lots of functions out there that we can use like fetch and error handling, and reusable means that it can access multiple database because of its unified API. We will write so many create,read,update,delete queries that by the end of this course you will become the master of PHP. You will become master of PHP PDO and get to know the three main Classes like PDO, PDOStatment and PDOexception. For these reason I have also included lectures about OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Classes where I discuss about what is Class and how to use them in our project. You will learn how to instantiate objects of that Class and how these objects can interact and use the methods/functions of parent class. In addition we will discuss about Abstract and Extend Classes. In addition you will learn how to take payments using PHP Stripe API, and PHP SDK for PayPal RESTful APIs. .After that we can send emails to our users/customers using PHPMailer and we can install it via Composer. In short you will learn how to use composer or dependency management tool for managing dependencies of PHP software and required libraries.Other smaller things worth mentioning:1)Password Hashing & Security in PHP2)Variables, Constants & Super Global3) Arrays in PHP4)Loops like While, foreach, for and etc5)Control Structures 6)Methods or Functions7)Sessions8)Store and move FILES9)Authentication10)PHPMailer to send emails and files11) Take Payments With Stripe and Payplal

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