ExpiredUnwired Love: A Gripping Story of Betrayal, Fear and Lies


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What do you do when Mr. Right turns into Mr. Wrong?

This honest, candid story of one doomed relationship offers plenty of wisdom, advice, and heartfelt experience. We’ve all had our hearts broken. Many of us would rather not share the details of our worst moments. But in this story, the author offers a different kind of relationship advice. Because when Mr. Right turns into Mr. Wrong…

You learn. Keep going. And never give up on love.

By addressing concerns like Is love worth it, exploring warning signs and red flags, and reiterating the value of loving yourself no matter what, this refreshingly raw cautionary tale offers a unique perspective. The authors training as a life coach allows her to better break down her experiences, the things she should have paid more attention to, and steps to make sure future relationships start—and stay—healthy.

Because you deserve your happily ever after.

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