ExpiredUrban Short Stories : A Mind’s Eye Book


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Urban Short Stories is a collection of stories that are guaranteed to grasp your attention. This book is made up of raw hood stories that are unique in many ways.
You have never read anything like it.

“I was unaccustomed to danger so I didn’t own a gun, he insisted it would not be safe for the kids. Besides, he kept us safe at all times; that was why we’d even moved to the suburbs. A flash of light came first and then the darkness. The voices were distant and menacing.

I laid still even after I had come to. The blood trickled from my forehead while I laid there on the floor, I knew he’d hit me with the butt of his gun. The impact of the blow was hard and sudden; I didn’t even have time to react to the pain and again, the blow had come quickly.

They prowled.”

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