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Use Your Head: How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind


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Use Your Head: How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind

by Tony Buzan (Author) Format: Kindle Edition


United States                   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

United Kingdom               https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Brazil                                https://amazon.com.br/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Australia                           https://amazon.com.au/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

France                              https://amazon.fr/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Germany                          https://amazon.de/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Spain                                https://amazon.es/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Italy                                  https://amazon.it/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Canada                             https://amazon.ca/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Mexico                             https://amazon.com.mx/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

India                                 https://amazon.in/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Japan                                https://amazon.co.jp/dp/B08HY2Z7TY

Netherlands                     https://amazon.nl/dp/B08HY2Z7TY




The chances are that we are only using about 1% of the power of our brain. Just imagine the amazing results if we could unlock just a fraction of the power of the remaining 99%. With this definitive, classic operations manual for the brain, you can discover how to revolutionise the way you think and learn, wake up your senses and unleash the hidden power of your mind.

With this book, you will learn how to:

Improve your problem-solving capabilities.
Become more creative in your approach to work and life.
Understand, retain and more readily recall information.
Improve your memory beyond recognition.
Be more open to change and new ideas.
Think, learn and react faster and more efficiently.

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