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Visibility In Leadership: The 8 Key Focuses Of Visibility And How They Can Help You Make Your Way In The World


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Do you want to be a leader? Well if this title has caught your interest then you have thought about becoming a leader at least once in your life. Leadership is important in any career, industry, team, group, charity, etc. A great leader not only inspires and motivates those around them but also guides and mentors everyone towards a common goal. Throughout this book you will learn about aspects to becoming a leader such as communication, professional relationships, networking, the importance of mentorship, challenging yourself, and taking on new challenges. Not only will you be taught the key things to focus on in order to become a leader, you will also be provided with numerous ways to go about each focus. The Author, Zishawn Qureshi, is sharing with you his knowledge on leadership through nearly a decade of leading sports teams to picking the brains of numerous public speakers and millionaires. So what is stopping you today? Dive into the novel and begin your leadership journey today!

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