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Christian Romantic Suspense Series

Rosa De Luca has finally escaped the Italian mafia. She wants nothing more than to live a life free of crime, violence, and lawlessness. When she takes up shelter with a Christian family just outside New York City, she finds God and she finds peace. But her peace is shattered when her father dies, and her brother hunts her down.

All at once, Rosa is forced back into the life she only just escaped. As punishment, she is married to the German underboss, Amory Jäger. But her will has not been broken. Nothing says Rosa can’t escape again and this time, God is on her side.
But when she gets the chance to escape, Rosa hesitates. She wants to leave the mafia, but after getting to know Amory, she isn’t sure she wants to leave him.

Meanwhile, Amory is looking forward to having a new bride. He doesn’t want to get married, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep the family business afloat. It also doesn’t hurt that Rosa is absolutely beautiful.
But Amory is a mafia underboss and Rosa is a Christian woman. Her faith is standing right between them, and he hates that. The sting of her refusal to marry him runs deep. But something in Amory feels drawn to Rosa despite their differences.

Withered Rose is a Christian story. There is no foul language and no graphic scenes of sex, violence, or gore. However, our characters are members of the mafia which may present an environment some readers consider triggering. Topics such as gang violence, abuse, and distribution of illegal substances will be introduced throughout the book.
This novel is appropriate for mature Christian audiences ages 17+
Please read at your own discretion.

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