ExpiredYoga Teacher Training 100 Hour – Category Four

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Hi and welcome to Category 4 of our 100 h Sacred Spiral Yoga Teachers Training course.

In this module we look at Anatomy and Physiology for yoga instructors from both a traditional medical and a practical, realistic Yoga teaching environment perspective. As practitioners, and even more so, as student instructors, a practical, relevant and working knowledge of anatomy is essential.

I further Introduce the Autonomic nervous system and make a start with ways of gaining control of these systems within our own being. From an ancient yogic perspective, our subtle energetic body including the common major cakra’s, nadis and koshas is covered. These are the energy centres and channels permeating throughout our electro-magnetic, or pranic, bodies.

The Kosha’s are the ‘sheaths’ of our total spiritual being, of which our physical body, similar to the material universe, is only the outer layer, so to speak.

Even more useful, is an understanding of the psycho-physical implications of how our emotions, feelings, intentions, beliefs and attitudes and more, impact into these energetic fields that collectively comprise our total being.

Enjoy the course and I wish you sincere, fulfilment, joy and great spiritual development on your journey.

Who this course is for:
  • Students enrolled in our 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training program as well as new students wishing to become certified, well prepared Yoga instructors.

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