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Python with Examples for Beginner – Quick Reference Guide


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Python is one of the most top-notch programming language written by a language developer. It out beats any other programming language when it comes to programming tasks better. Python is very user friendly because of the ease with which every instruction can be made and it makes an individual excel in the art of making instructions.

Python simplicity lets you quickly start coding. This book teaches you how to write Python code, while going into several topics of the language.

Here I am going to explain how Python is similar to other programming languages like C, C++, Java, only the reserved word has been changed in order to distinguish with other language. Python also contains variable, Input-Output statement, Looping, Decision making, Array etc.

This eBook covers user input, output, looping, Decision making, Array, Functions classes in Python as well as code testing with many examples & good range of Python tasks in a way that is more accessible, painless and effective.

This eBook has plenty of material to keep you busy and learning. You will not be bored. If you find most programming books to be too dry, if you are familiar with any computer language, this could be an excellent book for you to get started in Python.

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