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Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services


  • Basic knowledge of computers

Checkout the new Bonus Lecture – Continuous Integration and Deployment using Jenkins and AWS

This course is a beginner’s guide on Cloud Computing using AWS. In this course, I will be explaining most of the services required to build your infrastructure on the cloud.

It is completely based on practical sessions and focuses primarily on how to configure AWS services in real time.

There will be LIVE sessions at every weekend to brief about lectures covered in this tutorial. I will also answer your questions in LIVE sessions.

I will explain how to:

  • Configure Virtual Servers using Amazon EC2
  • Setup Storage using S3 and EBS
  • Configure monitoring system using Amazon CloudWatch
  • Configure CDN – Content Delivery Network using Amazon CloudFront
  • Bulk email solution using Amazon SES
  • Configure database using Amazon RDS
  • Configure highly available DNS using Amazon Route53
Who this course is for:
  • System Administrators
  • Developers
  • Small to Medium Enterprises

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